9 thoughts on “Visual basic 2010 Datagridview, print preview control | เนื้อหาที่ปรับปรุงใหม่เกี่ยวกับvisual basic 2010 logo

  1. Andrew Kerr says:

    I hate this sort of "tutorial" it's just lazy or maybe it isn't a tutorial at all – maybe you just like putting your work to music and posting it on youtube – in that case it was nice listening to the music.

  2. charlton maria says:

    its says
    System.ArgumentException: 'Column named StudentName cannot be found
    How can i fix this
    this is on the last part when you will show what you input on the datagridview
    please help thank you

  3. Jonatan Pionsi says:

    Hello! How can I print all the data in a column as the example but changing it to show only one row of the header and then down all the data ..

    Another question is .. if I have null values in some field of the column as I do because I skip an error of q is null …

    Also as I can do for other than that impression of the column make a spice of summation of data that I have been carrying of previous forms, can be used in this code ??

    thank you very much ! greetings from Argentina. Sorry if I'm wrong in writing help me Google translator. Hehe hug