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Patrick Bet-David Podcast ตอนที่ 187 ในคลิปสั้นๆ นี้ Patrick Bet-David, Stuart Kaplan, Ricardo Aguilar และ Adam Sosnick พูดถึงการเปลี่ยนแปลงของ FBI ดูพอดคาสต์แบบเต็ม: สมัครรับวิดีโอรายสัปดาห์: หากต้องการติดต่อทีม Valuetainment คุณสามารถส่งอีเมลมาที่ booking@valuetainment.com #pbdpodcast #valuetainmentshortclips

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'They Have To Fix Their Reputation' - Former FBI Agent Reveals Why The Bureau Has Lost All Trust
'They Have To Fix Their Reputation' – Former FBI Agent Reveals Why The Bureau Has Lost All Trust

นอกจากการเรียนรู้เนื้อหาของบทความ 'They Have To Fix Their Reputation' – Former FBI Agent Reveals Why The Bureau Has Lost All Trust นี้แล้ว ติดตามเนื้อหาเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ด้านล่าง right

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'They Have To Fix Their Reputation' – Former FBI Agent Reveals Why The Bureau Has Lost All Trust.

they have.

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25 thoughts on “'They Have To Fix Their Reputation' – Former FBI Agent Reveals Why The Bureau Has Lost All Trust | สรุปเนื้อหาthey haveล่าสุด

  1. William Bitchute says:

    F.B.I… if the FBI thinks they have any credibility they're severely wrong if they're afraid of parents at a parent teachers meeting or a school board meeting against social justice Warriors and this work bullshit…… then we all have a Target on our back if we ain't kissing the social justice Warriors asses

  2. Nonna Khinich says:

    This is not an FBI any more, this is KGB. They have exactly the same tactics as Russian KGB. They became a political weapon in the hands of democratic party against their opponents and those who do not agree with them.

  3. J R says:

    What would make more sense is that Trump is not that smart and breaks the rules. He even brags about breaking rules lol I have my doubts this guy ever was higher ranking FBI.

  4. Anthony Bell says:

    They have the PERFECT opportunity to fix their reputation by getting my body and life restored and removing the deadly depraved fugitive from the 3rd floor area.

  5. Michael Barnes says:

    Just had this same convo with my dad, retired Baltimore city detective. They’ve relaxed hiring standards not just in the FBI, but all over police departments across the country. Then what do you get? People who are easier to corrupt and are bad seeds and not fit to wear a badge. Then the public gets mad and wants to defund police officers for being brutal or corrupt! Keep voting democrat and relaxing hiring standards and keep giving participation trophies. This is the America we now live in

  6. lrod312 says:

    I’m willing to join the military only to ‘de-wokeify’ it. I’m 34 so I don’t think have much time or many options left. I don’t want to see this country be taken over by a bunch of “socialists” out of college.

  7. Mathieu groleau says:

    Im sorry sir but i think the same type of millitaristic trait in people who want to recrute gave us the same mindless minion who gave us vaccine mandate and the mar a lago raid. Eroding the trust american have in their institution. It remind me of that familly killed by the cia over the sky of peru by the gourvenement. They where looking for a drugs transporting plane and there murder a whole american familly.

  8. Saul Alba says:

    He’s wrong about the FBI no longer having a physical fitness test, my wife is in process of joining the FBI and she just recently took the following PFT last week as a initial assessment:

    You must pass the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) to ensure you will be able to safely and successfully complete training at the FBI Academy and effectively respond to situations on the job.

    The PFT consists of four main events, with a fifth event only for those in the Tactical Recruitment Program (TRP). The events will be administered in the following order with no more than five minutes of rest between each event:

    Sit-ups: Maximum number of continuous sit-ups in one minute

    Sprint: Timed 300-meter sprint

    Push-ups: Maximum number of continuous push-ups (untimed)

    Run: Timed 1.5-mile run

    Pull-ups: Maximum number of continuous pull-ups (only TRP candidates will complete this event)

  9. The Generational Wealth Guy says:

    "The people from the military are disciplined. They'll stand there for 24 hours, not going to the bathroom, and have no cell phones doing their job".

    Me, an ex military cop: Are you sure about that? 👀 😂

  10. 69 Leaguez says:

    HOW COME THE 🚰🚱 the @AARON SALTERS JR. death during the BUFFALO MASSACRE in May,2022…. which ironically he was also killed along with STANLEY MAYER. BOTH, JUST SO happen to have PATENTS for a vehicle that runs on water… 💦…. IS THAT A HOAX TOO??… and if not why wasn't they recognized for their patents,,, ITS ALLLL OVER TIK-TIK. look for yourself. @ALEX JONES… behind EVERY "conspiracy" LIES, TRUTH. these 2 individuals just happen to be killed.,, the parents of sandy hook may have been real but the situational stature of the allegation holds many truths of what ALEX JONES IS SAYIN👍 rhyme = REASON…..

  11. wayne antoniazzi says:

    The military's bound to have a tough time recruiting after the Commander-In-Chief calls 75% of the pool of recruits "semi-fascists." In other words don't fool yourselves folks, the recruits come from "MAGA-Nation," not faculty lounges. If you don't want anything to do with them, they're not going to want anything to do with YOU.

  12. Zack Attack says:

    The FBI is corrupt to the bone. They need to be independently investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Full on RICO case because it’s that filthy. Unfortunately they’re above the law.

  13. Michael Neuroth says:

    Kind of like the CIA agents who were flushed out of the Sheraton in San Salvador in the 80's by the revolutionaries?! We all were sold an image of fit 007 types. But, when they ran for their lives unscripted across the parking lot we got an image (since scrubbed from the internet) that shocked the world. A bunch of fat f__ks with the fear of imminent death on their faces. The revolutionaries had them and graciously let them go to show they were not animals like the Americans.