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Winooski Students Explore WCAX

On November 11th the ELL Newcomer class travelled to the WCAX news channel in South Burlington as part of our weather unit. 14 students took a tour of the station. The producer explained the process of preparing for a live newscast. Read more.

Winooski Science Welcomes All

Over 300 people showed up to the Winooski STEM Family Fun night to explore what it’s like to learn science by doing science. Starting with a free dinner and culminating with a much anticipated Egg Drop competition, Family Fun Night was a local version of a mini-hands-on-science museum for our community.

What’s new in the iLab?

Happy first birthday to the Winooski iLab! As we enter our second year of offering students personalized and proficiency-based learning, we are building on our strengths from last year and making adjustments to increase the value of independently-driven learning.

Newcomer Orientation


          Our names are Inge White and Nellie Maley. We are partner teachers for the ELL program at Winooski High School. Together we are facilitating a group of 17 Newcomers from Nepal, Iraq, Somalia, Ethiopia, and the Congo. Read more.

New Community Based Learning Fellow

My experiences last year and my summer research and site visits have shown me that community based learning fosters the 3R’s: relationships, relevance and rigor. I look forward to continuing to learn more about how community based learning can help our communities create more of these authentic learning experiences for our students in the future.

Introducing The Winooski iLab

Winooski Middle/High School has created its first ever personalized and proficiency-based classroom that looks modern, feels comfortable, and is changing the way we look at the learning process.

Providence Reflections from Duc Dang, Winooski Student

Winooski High School student Duc Dang, who entertained us with his amazing singing and impressed us with his wit and insight has written a reflection that I’m so excited to share with you here. Duc’s words are a fabulous tribute and insight to the trip.

Design Thinking: A Learning Process for Tomorrow’s World

On Thursday, April 4th, more than 140 people attended a presentation and mixer at Main Street Landing. What brought people together from fields as varied as education, city planning, scientific research, performance art, civil engineering, policy-making, and finance? The draw was something both focused and expansive, both particular and universal, both conceptual and applicable: Design-Thinking.

Making Connections

I am excited and honored to be part of the launch of the Partnership for Change! In a nutshell, the PfC’s goal is to work with students, teachers and administrators, families, and community businesses to transform Winooski and Burlington High Schools into student-centered, technology rich learning centers where students choose pathways to become proficient in real-world 21 century skills.