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P4C School Innovation Tour to NYC: Wait, I’m in a Box?!

The Partnership for Change, with the efforts of Fellow Sarah Bertucci and IDEA, recently organized a 30+ person trip to tour innovative schools in New York City. We Megabussed our diverse caravan down and back, saw between us over a dozen schools in 48 hours, ate some street food, and ran ourselves all over Manhattan and the outer Boroughs soaking up all the wisdom from a host of cool schools and learning institutions. Read more.

Permission to Dream

One of the most inspiring aspects of being a Partnership for Change Fellow is the opportunity (license, permission, demand?) to dream of new ways for schools to function and best serve students, teachers, and the community. In my research recently, I came across the Sudbury Valley School, an alternative school in Framingham, MA with an uber-student-centered mission. Read more.