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Winooski Science Welcomes All

Over 300 people showed up to the Winooski STEM Family Fun night to explore what it’s like to learn science by doing science. Starting with a free dinner and culminating with a much anticipated Egg Drop competition, Family Fun Night was a local version of a mini-hands-on-science museum for our community.

What Deep Cuts in the School Budget Really Mean for Burlington

As I consider the defeat of the Burlington School district budget on town meeting day 2014, I am concerned how the state increase in school tax rate may soon impact the community satisfaction of the city of Burlington. In my fellowship with the partnership for change this year for family school partnerships, I have come to recognize how important maintaining a strong and vibrant school is to that partnership as well as to the community as a whole. We all know that one benefit of a strong school system is seen in the property value.

Standing room only at Winooski community meeting

To say it was standing room only at the O’Brien Center in Winooski this past Wednesday night is an understatement. The Winooski school board held a community dinner to present the new Graduate Expectations to a wide range of parents and community members. Read more.

Some straight talk on what actually ails education

Today, I was captivated by this address by Diane Ravitch, a professor at NYU and former education official under the first president Bush, speaking to an audience in Chicago.  She is currently a crusader against the pro-testing, anti-teacher, and anti-union ‘reformers’ in education. Read more.

Making Connections

I am excited and honored to be part of the launch of the Partnership for Change! In a nutshell, the PfC’s goal is to work with students, teachers and administrators, families, and community businesses to transform Winooski and Burlington High Schools into student-centered, technology rich learning centers where students choose pathways to become proficient in real-world 21 century skills.