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Cross-site Community Based Learning with Vermont Young Playwrights

Eve Berinati is no stranger to youth engagement, community based learning and flexible teaching and learning environments. She frequently empowers her students with opportunities to share their voices in flexible physical and digital spaces outside the tradition classroom walls of Burlington High School. Some of these include NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), The Young Writers Project, Theatre of the Absurd and Vermont Young Playwrights.

Student-Centered Learning You Can Touch (And Purchase!)

A recent BHS graduate, Keith LaFountaine just self-published his first novel on It’s called The Danger of the Flame. You can buy it here and should do so because it sounds awesome. Just as cool, perhaps, is that the novel was started while Keith was still a senior at Burlington High School and undertaking the challenge of National Novel Writing Month (, an opportunity afforded him by his 12th grade Creative Writing class, taught by Eve Berinati. Read more.