LC Hines

Burlington High School

LC Hines

LC Hines was born and raised in Burlington. He attended the Green Mountain Ohavi Zedek Pre-School and the Schoolhouse, a private grade school. During 5th grade year, he attended HO Wheeler Elementary School “now known” as the Integrated Arts Academy.

In middle school, LC volunteered at the Center for Media and Democracy/ CCTV(Closed Circuit TeleVision); working the cameras, directing shows, hosting Youth Technology shows and being a guest to discuss relevant youth topics. The shows can be found online at CCTV.

LC is a technology enthusiast, has always been fascinated in how social interaction and technology intertwine and flourish which is why he joined the Partnership for Change; his goal, “bringing technology and the future into education”.  He is a member of the BHS iPad Oversight Committee; the first-of-its-kind confluence of teachers, students, staff, and parents to provide feedback and critique the 1:1 program.

Freshman year, LC worked at the ECHO center; educating about lake ecology and surrounding basin. Summer 2014, he worked as an ECHO camp counselor an enriching experience communicating with many people in different situations.

LC was President of the Keystone Club, a Boys & Girls Clubs national program which provides unique leadership development. With his high school students, he participated in the Hurricane Sandy aftermath clean in New Jersey and volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House, COTS, Food Bank, etc. Summer 2013 and 2014, LC received the Governors Institute Of Vermont Certificates of Completion for “Info Technology” and “Info Technology/Game Design”.

Lastly, LC shared that throughout his high school experience, he always tries to personally examine how all of this technology that dominates youth lives (his peers); effects how they all learn, communicate, and express themselves. Thus far, it has been a very fascinating journey that he hopes to explore in higher education and beyond. So far, he believes the Partnership for Change has been a great lens for him to view this transition from.