Gissele Drpich

Teacher, Burlington High School


Gissele Drpich is a passionate educator born in Montevideo, Uruguay who was raised in Montreal, Canada from a household of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. She is also a mother of two teenage boys with her own household of four where each one of them was born in a different country!

Gissele has been teaching French and Spanish at Burlington High School since 2008. She considers herself a curious and lifelong learner with a Master’s Degree in Economics from l’Université de Montréal and became an educator in 2004 after a career in the financial sector. Polyglot and a citizen of the world loves being a language teacher in order to enhance her student’s future competitiveness, share her real world experiences, build cross-cultural understanding and integrate technology to break down the wall barriers of the classroom in order to increase the learning opportunities for her students. Recognised in 2012 by Vita­Learn, for her innovation and forward thinking.  She has also been a council member for VIAvenues  (Web-based tool to improve teacher and learner effectiveness related to the acquisition of foreign language skills and cultural knowledge, while leveraging 21st century technology enablers to engage the NextGen learner) since its creation.