More on Burlington Graduate Expectations

Deciding on the Graduate Expectations

In addition to the collaborative thinking of the GX team, our Graduate Expectations are based on research, educational standards documents, school models, and ample input from our community. Below is some more information about the decision-making process behind each Graduate Expectation.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • #1 choice at February 2nd Community Learning Conversation
  • Supported by research, standards, and school models

Cross-Cultural Understanding and Civic Engagement

  • Cross-Cultural Understanding speaks to the value of diversity in Burlington
  • Civic engagement is enumerated in many standards documents and school models
  • Arrived at “civic” through a number of iterations, including citizenship, community engagement, and civic engagement

Effective Communication

  • #2 choice at February 2nd Community Learning Conversation
  • Key academic skill, supported by research, standards documents, and school models
  • Includes many forms of communication, such as oral, written, non-verbal, quantitative, and artistic

Personal Development

  • We know this is valued in our community based on Neighborhood Learning Conversation and Community Learning Conversation input
  • It is important that the emphasis is on acknowledging strengths and weaknesses and growing, not on reaching an absolute standard of, for example, physical health
  • Includes goal-setting, post-secondary planning, and growth in physical, social, and emotional realms

Curiosity and Creativity

  • #3 choice at February 2nd Community Learning Conversation
  • An opportunity to focus on an important habit for students and on finding joy in learning (“We value what we measure”)

Burlington GX Team Members

Fran Brock, BHS teacher; Benjamin Roesch, BHS teacher; Jill Jacobelli, BHS teacher; Molly Heath, BHS teacher; Suzy King, BHS teacher; Carole Lavigne, BHS teacher; Josh Friedman, BHS teacher; Lisa Carpenter, BHS teacher; Amy Mellencamp, BHS Principal; Jessica Nordhaus, parent; Madhu Neupane, parent; Meg Cline, parent; Mercedes Avila, community partner; Ethan Maurer, community partner; Safia Haji, BHS student; Fardowsa Ibrahim, BHS student; Annika Freudenberger, BHS student