Year End Studies (YES)

The Year End Studies Program at Burlington High School ends the school year with two-week intensive and high-interest learning opportunities. These non-traditional, project-based, and experiential courses are designed to apply and expand what students have learned during the school year using students’ and teachers’ own interests and passions. Each course includes opportunities to learn outside the school walls with community partners and to use writing to reflect on what and how students learn. YES courses mix students from all grades and backgrounds to enhance enthusiasm for learning and to strengthen relationships within BHS and the Burlington community.

During the last two weeks of the 2012-2013 school year, all BHS students participated in the first annual YES session. Students chose from nearly 100 intensive courses designed by teachers based on their own passions, from songwriting to Asian cultures, computer game design to community service, and more! Each class was open to students of all grades, involved daily writing, and featured a community connection. Thanks to the vision and organizational power of BHS faculty, our students now close the school year with an opportunity to explore an area of interest and build strong relationships with peers, teachers, and the Burlington community.

YES is a teacher-driven initiative, conceived of and organized by BHS faculty members. The following teachers served on the YES committee and helped to bring the program to life: Gretchen Muller, Colby Skoglund, Allison Letourneau, Tom Obbagy, Josh Friedman, Beth Fialko, Molly Heath, Ed Owens, Jill Jacobelli, David Rome, Gayle Botelho, Lisa Sitek, and David Lamberti.   

Registration for the 2014 YES Session takes place from November 18-22, 2013. Click here to see a complete listing of YES Course Offerings.

Below: Farming in Burlington’s Intervale, Yoga Basics, The Beatles!, CSI: Burlington

YES Farming      YES Yoga CSI: Burlington      YES Beatles