Winooski iLab

“Think It, Learn It, Make It, Share It”

The iLab is a new environment for 21st century teaching and learning at Winooski Middle/High School. Although students sign up for it like any other course, the iLab offers a learning experience vastly different from traditional middle and high school classes. Located in a flexible, technology-rich space, the iLab gives students the opportunity to explore areas of interest, reach out to experts in the community, and take ownership of the learning process. At the same time, the iLab is a space where students and teachers alike can try out innovative education practices that can then be replicated throughout WMHS.

In its first year, the iLab reached approximately 50 high school students and 20 middle school students, nearly a third of the school population. For the 2014-15 school year, the iLab will encompass even more options for student-directed, community-connected learning, including an internship option through which students partner with local professionals to explore a field of interest and a problem-based learning course in which students work as a team to solve real problems in their community. In addition, the iLab advisors are working with other WMHS faculty to bring the student-centered practices to the core content areas.

Learn more about the iLab on the Partnership’s blog:

Learn with the iLab

Are you interested in becoming a student in the iLab? Does your business or organization have an internship opportunity for a high school student? Contact the iLab advisors:

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Nancy Keller, gro.s1449426628loohc1449426628sdsw@1449426628relle1449426628kn1449426628
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iLab Share-It Night

The iLab holds several Share-It Nights throughout the year for students to share their learning with family, educators, and community. Check our event calendar to for more information.

iLab Share It