School Development Institute

After school ends in June, teachers from Burlington and Winooski come together for a week of professional development, reflection, and planning at the annual School Development Institute (SDI). Read on to learn about the work accomplished in recent years!

Student Consultants at SDI 2012

At SDI 2012, 25 students from BHS, WHS, and Big Picture South Burlington participated in dialogues with teachers on the topics of 9th Grade Academies, proficiency-based learning, student interventions, and curriculum development. Students arrived at Rock Point School for a brief orientation and then split into four groups. Prior to lunch, each group shared the student perspective with their teachers. Students were able to speak openly and honestly about their classes, homework, school culture and how they envision their learning in the years to come.

Incoming 9th grader Mabel Prine remarked, “It was really nice to have a chance to get to tell teachers what you thought… I would love if they took into account what information we told them today and make it for a better school.”

At lunch, students were able to joke around with teachers and talk to them about summer adventures in a comfortable and informal setting before heading back into another set of dialogues.

Williams Kovadio said, “It was real fun being here today and talking to teachers not as students but as a person.”

Most students agreed that participating in direct feedback to teachers is something they would want to do again.