Student-Centered Road Trip

In April 2013, a group of 12 Winooski and Burlington students traveled with four chaperones to Providence, RI to see student-centered learning in action. They visited the MET, a network of six small, innovative public high schools, and community organizations devoted to youth leadership and engagement.

Benjamin Roesch, the Partnership’s 2012-13 Youth Leadership and Engagement Fellow, commented that “our minds were blown by the programming we saw.” But he also acknowledged another important outcome of the trip: bringing together a group of students from our two districts who are passionate about giving young people a voice in their own education.

“That was probably the greatest success of the trip,” Roesch said. “The group had the opportunity to really come together and have some tough conversations. We came away with the common goal of really changing our schools.”

In all of our work, it is clear that student voice is critical in the school redesign process. Through opportunities like this site visit, students gain access to the training they need to become drivers of school change.

In order to share their learning with the whole community, the students chose to create a mini-documentary about their experience.

Learn more about this site visit on the Partnership blog: