Family-Friendly Progress Report

Parents for Change leaders, together with Burlington High School leaders, teachers, multilingual liaisons, and guidance counselors, are working to develop a new progress report for ELL students. Designed based on input from New American families and students, this report will help families understand where students are on their high school learning path and what steps they can take to reach their goals.


As part of the Partnership for Change, BHS is in the process of changing Graduate Expectations and moving to a proficiency-based system over the next few years to help all students reach their goals and prepare for the future.

In 2012, Burlington New American family leaders identified the need for a new type of report that helps students and families better understand how a student’s academic progress relates to college and career goals. School leaders committed to creating this tool at the November 2012 Student Placement Public Action.

Using the Report

Click here and follow instructions to enter your classes and grades into the web form. After you enter your classes, use your web browser to print the report and the planning forms. Use the table of current BHS classes to learn where you are on your high school learning path. This table and the subsequent planning chart can help you figure out the steps to reach your goals. Students can work with their parents, teachers, advisors and guidance counselors to make a plan.

The pilot report is a work-in-progress. Throughout summer 2013, students and families have had the chance to try it out, see if it is a useful tool, and suggest improvements. This information will then inform continued work

For more information about the progress report for ELL students or to share your comments and questions, contact Dawn Moskowitz at gro.t1449692878vegna1449692878hcrof1449692878stner1449692878ap@nw1449692878ad1449692878.