Playwriting in the Community

In the second half of the 2013-2014 school year, BHS and WMHS students participated in the Vermont Young Playwrights Program (VYPP). Local playwrights led students in two full-day workshops in the winter, during which students wrote their own ten-minute plays. Students then attended the statewide VYPP festival at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts in May, where they viewed plays written by students from all over Vermont, participated in workshops with theater professionals, and saw the work of their classmates (or themselves!) produced and performed by professional actors from the Vermont Stage Company.

Plays By Vermont Students

Check out this video to view ten-minute plays written by Vermont students and performed by professional actors. Among them you will find the work of two BHS students:

  • Crossing Over by Xander Long (starts at 1:55:33)
  • Out by Willa Segar-Reid (starts at 2:14:50) 

Student Reflections

  • Loved this day! Loved really being able to sink my teeth into many different aspects of character- and setting-building. Also loved how we incorporated acting as a way of panning and trying things out. Interactive, engaging, fun, and inspiring!
  • “Today’s experience made me see sort of the bigger picture of writing and how there’s more to a process than just picking up a pencil, paper, writing and be set. You have to be willing to put your work in the hands of others to see how they view it, and act as both listener and an advisor.”
  • “The feedback was honest, respectful, and incredibly insightful, while being facilitated in a way that made everything useful. The energy in the room was collaborative and warm as we shared laughter and sitting on the edge of our seats. Everything I wanted and more!”
  • “My playwriting ability feels stronger and more accessible and my understanding of story for the stage is greater. Collaboration was huge in this experience and I loved working with others during the editing process. Having your work staged certainly raises the stakes and authenticity, and provides a real audience, which is affirming, especially for a high school student.”
  • “This experience exceeded my hopes! I feel closer to the people I worked with, who I usually wouldn’t have the opportunity to bond with, and I enjoyed making connections in the community.”

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