Mayor’s Week in School

In March 2013, Burlington’s Mayor Miro Weinberger moved his office to BHS for one week. His goals? To expose students to the workings of city government, celebrate the work of BHS students and teachers, and spread the word about the Partnership for Change.

During his week at school, Mayor Weinberger hosted a kickoff assembly, featuring an address by Governor Peter Shumlin, shared meals with students in the BHS cafeteria, visited several classes, and facilitated a roundtable discussion with local business and community leaders about fostering partnerships with our schools. Throughout the week, he highlighted the work that the Partnership is doing to support school change in Burlington and Winooski.

Want to learn more about the Mayor’s Week at School? Read on for the complete schedule of events and the official Mayor’s Week in School proclamation. You can also read a student’s reflection on the week, review the press coverage, or check out pictures on our Facebook page.

Mayor’s Week in School Schedule of Events

Monday, March 18

9:45-10:30am, Mayor’s Week in School Kick-Off with Governor Shumlin

12:50-1:20pm, Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council Lunch

5:00-6:00pm, Parents for Change New American Leaders Dinner

Tuesday, March 19

7:15am, Mayor rides the bus to school

9:40am, Mayor reads BHS announcements

2:00pm, Architect Tour of BHS with Principal Amy Mellencamp

3:15-4:15pm, BHS Faculty Meet & Greet

Wednesday, March 20

7:45am, Pickup basketball with BHS students

7:50am, Mornings with Miro: Bagels with BHS students

8:50am, 9th Grade Academy class participation

11:15am, Meeting with Superintendent Jeanne Collins

12:00pm, Lunch meeting with Burlington and Winooski School District and City leadership, Partnership for Change leadership

1:40-3:00pm, Mayor’s Business Roundtable: Connecting School and Community

5:00-7:30pm, Partnership for Change Steering Committee Meeting

Thursday, March 21

9:40-11:00am, Class participation

3:00pm, Clubs and Activities

4:30-5:00pm, BHS Pitcher/Catcher practice

Friday, March 22

1:30-3:00pm, Closing Ceremonies/Town Hall Meeting

Official Mayor’s Week in School Proclamation

WHEREAS, the Mayor of Burlington relocated his office to Burlington High School for the week of March 18 through March 22, 2013; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor’s goals for his Week in School included honoring the great work of Burlington’s students, teachers and staff, forging better connections between School and City, and bringing attention to the tremendous work our schools are doing with the Partnership for Change; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor can now work the term “student-centered learning” into almost any conversation, whether it is about school or not; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor truly understands that it takes way more than 7 minutes to get from Chorus in A Building to Biology in E Building; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor’s iPad is fully loaded with Nearpad, Clicker School and Pages apps; and

WHEREAS, the teachers at BHS are unsurpassed in their dedication to their students, their ability to use innovative educational practices, the energy they bring to their craft, and their willingness to take risks and to face challenges of all kinds head-on; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Mellencamp and Mr. Molander were committed to this project from the start, graciously opened the doors to the school for the Mayor, his staff and his guests, encouraged the BHS community to participate in all aspects of the Week, provided significant leadership, kindly gave up their offices and left yummy waffle cookies for the Mayor’s staff to enjoy; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor held his own against the BHS Seahorses during pitcher/catcher practice, but left the gym limping a bit and commenting on the faster high school pitches, compared to his old men’s league; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor’s staff quickly became hooked on the International Food Line, Gourmet Cafe pastries and chocolate milk; and

WHEREAS, with thanks to the Mayoral weather initiative, on Day 2 the Superintendent of School, Ms. Collins, declared a snow day; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor and his staff will confound the public when they continue to start meetings at 11:16 and refer to the day’s schedule by Blocks and Color; and

WHEREAS, the BHS staff set the highest bar for ongoing City operations with their ability to set up and break down events, troubleshoot, handle all AV and tech needs that came their way, and greet multiple visitors, all while managing an organization of 1,200 people; and

WHEREAS, the students of Burlington High School and Burlington Tech Center have shown themselves to be engaged, sophisticated, enthusiastic, helpful, smart, curious, creative, innovative, friendly, respectful, hard-working, and open to new challenges; and

WHEREAS, strong schools lead to a vibrant economy and community, and the partnership between City and School does not end with this week; and

WHEREAS, the future of our community is in good hands as long as we come together to continue the conversation;

NOW THEREFORE, I, Miro Weinberger, Mayor of the City of Burlington, do hereby proclaim March 18 – March 22, 2013 to be


AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that I encourage our community to engage in the work our schools are doing with the Partnership for Change and to support our young people and their adult mentors as they continue to find ways to enrich our schools and our community.