Math of Money

Math of Money is a new elective course at Burlington High School that teaches important math concepts by applying them to the real world. The class addresses a variety of mathematics, business, and financial literacy topics, including the stock market, modeling a business, reconciling bank statements, compound interest, savings, and consumer credit. Students in the course also benefit from connecting with business and finance experts. For instance, a professor from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business presented a guest lecture on marketing and business operations, while another speaker from Champlain College taught students about credit scores, namely what they are and how they are affected by your financial behavior.

Teacher and Student Reflections

“I can judge success on a variety of levels… The test scores represent a solid understanding of the material… The stock market was a great introduction to finances and the students’ response ranged from very positive to outrage that some people can make money that way.”

“Students with jobs showed great enthusiasm [about] learning how to save money. And more importantly how compounded interest can grow over time. They learned an important lesson: save early, save often.”

“I came home from school talking to my parents about current events in the financial world and discussing stocks that were at a great buying and selling price… I began to feel more mature, and confident about making decisions, like which credit card to use, and how to read a bill correctly. I also learned when to buy an expensive item in your billing cycle and why.”

“Overall, the class was great. Even though I did not need the math credit, I still took it to understand these things in the future and I saw them as extremely important, such as savings, 401K, CDs, etc.”

“This course has enhanced my financial knowledge and given me a reality check about my future from an economic standpoint… I have a better idea of where I want to be in the future and how to get there.”