Fostering Relationships in Winooski

Winooski School District is building relationships with families one door at a time. In fall 2013, Winooski Middle/High School administrators, staff, and multilingual liaisons launched an intensive outreach campaign in order to foster two-way communication between families and schools and to support all parents and guardians as full partners in their child’s education.

From October 7 to December 9, Family-School Partnership Coordinator Anera Foco and a team of six WMHS staff members reached the families of every WMHS student, a total of 325 households. They produced and distributed a Happening Guide in five languages, which included a yearlong event calendar and contact information for the school.

The campaign was designed to address four main goals:

  • Name recognition: It builds name recognition in a way that schools’ mailings cannot. Personal contact with parents and family members builds a connection with the schools that results in positive name identification.
  • Credibility: It builds credibility by showing that schools are living, breathing organizations with fluid communication pathways and that parental/family engagement is of utmost importance to schools.
  • Increased participation and collaboration: Because of the individual contact, this effort encourages large numbers of parents to take interest in and give notice to schools’ needs and actions.
  • Support: It is a useful means of building relationships and family support as personal visits allow parents to see and meet school personnel on their own turf.

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For more information about the work accomplished through the outreach campaign, feel free to review the final report prepared by Anera Foco.