Partnership Announces New Steering Committee Co-Chair

The Partnership for Change is pleased to announce the appointment of Sherwood Smith as Steering Committee Co-Chair. Sherwood will lead the Partnership’s Steering Committee alongside Martha Maksym, Executive Director of the United Way of Chittenden County, who has served as a co-chair since the committee was assembled in 2012.

The Partnership’s Steering Committee is a broad and diverse group charged with keeping the Partnership’s vision to create innovative, collaborative, and equitable learning organizations that inspire all learners to lead their communities to a dynamic and sustainable future. In addition, members are responsible for communicating with their personal and professional networks about the work being done to remodel Burlington and Winooski schools for today’s world. Honoring the Partnership’s commitment to representation and inclusiveness, the committee is made up of students, educators, families, and community partners from both cities, as well as representatives from our school boards, teachers’ unions, and city governments. A smaller Executive Committee is formed by and derived from the Steering Committee to oversee the Partnership’s budget, Director, and progress.

Sherwood said, “The Partnership for Change offered me an exciting and unique opportunity to be involved in a project that is at its heart about grassroots action for change. At my first meeting, there were students, parents, teachers, administrators and staff working and learning together! I am excited to be involved in a project that is committed to giving a voice to all our community and is intentional in focusing on the voices that are less often asked to speak for themselves.” He added, “I love that it is a partnership between Burlington and Winooski because our towns share so much already and there can be such strength in collaborations to benefit our communities’ kids.”

At the University of Vermont, Sherwood holds appointments as Lecturer in the College of Education and Social Services and Director of the Center for Cultural Pluralism. His work involves training faculty and staff on issues of culture and social justice, conducting research, and teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in Educational Foundations and Human Development.

“We are most fortunate to have Sherwood Smith join the Partnership for Change as co-chair of the Steering Committee,” said Partnership Director Hal Colston. “Sherwood is a brilliant thinker and a compassionate human being who wants the best for all of our students.”