BHS holding second annual Getting Real About Race Event

All 270 Burlington High School freshmen will participate in the second annual Getting Real About Race Event on Wednesday, February 12 at Contois Auditorium and the Fletcher Free Library.

Ninth grade teachers collaborated with community partners and the Partnership for Change to plan for this year’s event and make it more sustainable for the future.

This event centers around the following guiding questions.

  • How does race affect me?
  • What labels do I use and why do I use them?
  • How do I have conversations about race?
  • How do I acknowledge the ideas and opinions of others without making judgments?

The event is meant to act as a foundation for ongoing, sustainable conversations and growth around issues of race and equity throughout the second semester for freshmen at Burlington High School. The hope is that freshmen students and teachers can learn to be ambassadors for change and improvement of school climate, as well as the community at large.

Following last year’s event, many freshmen went on to hold conversations on equity at their former elementary and middle schools, as well as with other community organizations and nonprofits. This year some students in grades 10-12 will facilitate conversations at the event, in addition to other teachers and community members.

These students have helped plan and facilitate intergenerational conversations on equity with the city, as well as participate in intergenerational diversity and equity trainings with the Partnership for Change, Champlain College and Americorps volunteers.