A Funding Update

With funding from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, the Partnership for Change has supported the Winooski and Burlington School Districts as they move toward a collective vision of student-centered, proficiency based education.  Our Fellowship and Partner Teacher programs have laid the foundation for a new kind of instructional practice, one that is grounded in collaboration among teachers and increased student voice and agency.  Other innovative efforts we have supported include the iLab, the Year End Studies program, Neighborhood Learning conversations, and the Family Friendly Report Card, among others.

Recently, we submitted the requested reapplication for the Nellie Mae Education Foundation for another three-year cycle of funding.  The Foundation has encumbered the funds, but will defer its decision until later this spring, when it can better determine if the new leadership in Burlington, namely, the Superintendent and School Board, will continue to embrace the vision and its full implementation.

The Winooski and Burlington schools have diligently worked with all stakeholders in the community to build understanding and support for student-centered, proficiency-based learning.  We will make every effort to respond fully to the Foundation’s concerns in the hopes that we can continue the important journey we have embarked up on together.  We thank our faculty, students, parents, and the community at large for your commitment to this work.

Please direct any further questions to Winooski Superintendent Sean McMannon: gro.s1449424843loohc1449424843sdsw@1449424843nonna1449424843mcms1449424843 or Burlington Interim Superintendent Howard Smith: gro.t1449424843vdsb@1449424843htims1449424843h1449424843.