In order to better prepare every student for future success, we need to do more than just change the way we teach. Students must become leaders in the learning process to ensure that what they’re learning is challenging, relevant, and interesting.

Submit a Proposal

At the heart of the Partnership’s philosophy is the belief that the talent and drive needed to move our schools forward lie within our communities. As a result, we want to involve as much of our community as possible in the school change process. With this goal in mind, we are actively seeking proposals from all stakeholders to move our work forward. Learn how to apply.

Share a Story

If you’ve been a part of an exciting learning experience recently, we’d love to hear about it. Share your story!

Connect with Parents and Youth for Change

Parents and Youth for Change, an initiative of Voices for Vermont’s Children and Vermont Interfaith Action, is working with the Partnership to empower families in Burlington and Winooski to improve educational opportunities for all students. Contact Lead Community Organizer Dawn Moskowitz at 802-318-5892 or gro.t1449424749vegna1449424749hcrof1449424749stner1449424749ap@nw1449424749ad1449424749 to get involved.

Sign Up for the iLab at WMHS

Winooski students in grades 7-12 have a new option for individualized learning: the iLab. The mission of the iLab is to help students graduate from high school with a sense of purpose and increased engagement with the kind of learning that ignites their passions. In the iLab, students will earn credit while connecting with four categories of learning: personal inquiry, problem-based learning, college classes, and online learning. All projects will address the new Winooski Graduate Expectations and include a community component (e.g. interviews, internships) and an oral presentation.

The iLab is not a full-day program. Any student can submit a plan to work in the iLab for one or two periods or work with iLab advisors to coordinate out-of-school internships. While a number of students signed up for the iLab at pre-registration, some students may be admitted on a rolling basis during the school year. Acceptance into the program requires a quality Learning Plan accepted by the iLab advisors. Please contact the iLab advisors for more information:

Matthew Webb, gro.s1449424749loohc1449424749sdsw@1449424749bbewm1449424749
Nancy Keller, gro.s1449424749loohc1449424749sdsw@1449424749relle1449424749kn1449424749
Inge White, gro.l1449424749oohcs1449424749dsw@e1449424749tihwi1449424749
Will Andrews, gro.s1449424749loohc1449424749sdsw@1449424749swerd1449424749naw1449424749

Sign Up for School Innovation Seminar at BHS

Rising 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students at Burlington High School have the opportunity to take the School Innovation Seminar next year. See your guidance counselor to sign up!

961 School Innovation Seminar

Have you ever thought that maybe school could be more than just a building? More than just a certain classroom on a certain day at a certain time? Have you ever longed for a greater role in creating your own learning path?

Join us for School Innovation Seminar, an interdisciplinary, student-centered, project based learning experience for any BHS student in grades 10-12 with a curiosity for innovative, outside-the-box learning. This class will consider the ways in which information has changed in the 21st century and examine the evolving skill set needed to succeed in the modern world. Even more so, we will learn how we learn. We will conduct research within our school and explore innovative schools virtually and through school visits. We will delve into the latest research on the brain and examine why schools need to change. And perhaps most vitally, students will play an active role in helping to envision and design a Lab School Pilot program to launch during the 2014-15 school year right here at BHS. Along the way, students will play an active role in curriculum design, culture creation, assessment, reflection, and teaching.

Students may sign up directly or be nominated by a faculty member (or another student) for enrollment. Please sign up, though due to limited space and high demand, a spot in the class is not guaranteed.

Prerequisite: Grade 10-12 standing
Credit: 1 Elective