Research shows that student outcomes improve when families are engaged in the learning process. The Partnership is committed to giving our districts’ parents a voice in education. Join us in ensuring that all of our students are prepared for the future.

Submit a Proposal

At the heart of the Partnership’s philosophy is the belief that the talent and drive needed to move our schools forward lie within our communities. As a result, we want to involve as much of our community as possible in the school change process. With this goal in mind, we are actively seeking proposals from all stakeholders to move our work forward. Learn how to apply.

Connect with Parents and Youth for Change

Parents and Youth for Change, an initiative of Voices for Vermont’s Children and Vermont Interfaith Action, is working with the Partnership to empower families in Burlington and Winooski to improve educational opportunities for all students. Contact Lead Community Organizer Dawn Moskowitz at 802-318-5892 or gro.t1449401941vegna1449401941hcrof1449401941stner1449401941ap@nw1449401941ad1449401941 to get involved.

Host a Neighborhood Learning Conversation

The conversations needed to move our schools forward often begin within our community. You provide the space and guest list (8-14 ppl.), we will provide the materials, facilitator, and snacks. Our goals are simple:

  • to gather your input and feedback about our remodeling efforts at the schools
  • to inform you about the work being done by the districts and community to reform our schools and how you can get involved

Tell Us How We Can Support You

The Partnership is committed to supporting every parent’s participation in the remodeling of our schools. Upon request, we provide supports for child care, transportation, translation services, and anything else that would make it possible for you to join us. Contact Lindsey Cox at 802-363-2342 or gro.t1449401941vpihs1449401941rentr1449401941ap@ye1449401941sdnil1449401941. We will help make sure that your voice is heard!