Jill Jacobelli

Family School Partnership Fellow

Jill has been an English Language Learner (ELL) teacher at Burlington High School for the five years. Before coming to BHS, Jill was an educator in Maryland, Southern Vermont, and Washington state in middle schools, a high school, and a community college either as an ELL or traditional English teacher. Jill has finally found a place to call home in Northern Vermont and is very happy to have settled here in the Burlington/Winooski area. She loves the environmentally conscious and friendly small town community feel mixed with cultural diversity and respect and appreciation for the differences it brings.

Jill is honored to be the Partnership for Change’s Family/School Partnership Fellow. She believes that her primary role as a fellow is to find and foster ways to give families an authentic voice in deciding the future course for education at BHS and WHS. In order to do this, Jill’s goal is to help families to have a say in deciding what is vital for students to learn, the learning models offered, how the students demonstrate their learning, and who partners with students on their learning journey.