Erika Lowe

Community Based Learning Fellow

Erika Lowe

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Erika Lowe’s passion for education began at age seven when she started developing personalized learning plans for stuffed animals in a make-shift classroom in her bedroom. Erika later graduated to supporting teenagers in California and Vermont schools, including Burlington High School where she’s taught for the past three years.

An active resident and educator in the Burlington community, Erika values community based learning and is grateful for the opportunity to work with the Burlington-Winooski community as a fellow for the Partnership for Change this year. Prior to teaching, Erika studied Art Restoration in Italy and worked as an Exhibitions Registrar with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. During these years Erika gained an appreciation for community based learning, and since teaching has co-developed many community based learning opportunities for her students, including the Getting Real About Race event and Making a Change Community Action project at Burlington High School.

Erika’s other interests include parenting a kindergartener at Sustainability Academy, performing improv with Spark Arts at local venues, binging on coffee and books and seeking out sunshine and opportunities to be active outdoors.