Personalized and Proficiency Based Learning

Community-Based Learning in the iLab

As the snow begins to fall, the iLab’s students are digging deeper into their projects. Students have spent the last few months researching their topics, reaching out to local experts, and getting used to the independent learning process. This year we have seen improvement in our student’s ability to lead their own learning process, and in their willingness and interest to seek out and work with the local community. Our increased focus on community connections has led to some awesome experiences so far this school year.

Introducing Science Seminar – A Personalized Approach to Science


This year two science teachers, Molly Heath and Gretchen Muller, collaborated to develop a new course, Science Seminar.  This class provides students the opportunity to independently explore personal interests and how those interests connect to science and the broader world.  We have been working on refining skills in the areas of research and communication, problem-solving, collaboration with peers and the community, goal-setting, and time management.  Each student developed a research question to explore deeply and learn concepts by reading scientific journals, watching videos, (including great TED talks), talking to faculty, and interviewing community members.  Students have been working diligently for the first semester to prepare for their first presentation day.  On December 5th, each student presented their research and personal connection to their learning to a group of peers, teachers, and community partners.  The topics students researched were diverse, intriguing, and challenging. Read more.

Classrooms of the Future


The Winooski jiLab: Classrooms of the Future

This academic year the Winooski School District, in correlation with the Partnership for Change is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of student-centered learning, innovation and technological integration within the school day.  Team Journey (encompassing approximately half of the middle school student body) is underway with a unique focus to change the way learning happens. Read more.

Student Consultants: A Student Reflection

As first quarter comes to an end, the pilot Student Consultant program is off and running. As a cumulative presentation on the work and learning that has been done during first quarter, all the Student Consultants put together a brief Presentation of Learning to share with the rest of us what their goals for the year are, who they’ve connected with, and what they’ve accomplished for first quarter.

Winooski Science Welcomes All

Over 300 people showed up to the Winooski STEM Family Fun night to explore what it’s like to learn science by doing science. Starting with a free dinner and culminating with a much anticipated Egg Drop competition, Family Fun Night was a local version of a mini-hands-on-science museum for our community.

What’s new in the iLab?

Happy first birthday to the Winooski iLab! As we enter our second year of offering students personalized and proficiency-based learning, we are building on our strengths from last year and making adjustments to increase the value of independently-driven learning.

Newcomer Orientation


          Our names are Inge White and Nellie Maley. We are partner teachers for the ELL program at Winooski High School. Together we are facilitating a group of 17 Newcomers from Nepal, Iraq, Somalia, Ethiopia, and the Congo. Read more.

Introducing the Partner Teacher Program

The premise of the Partner Teacher program is simple: In order to shift their classroom practice, teachers need time, resources, and collaborative support.

Getting Started…


“What does it mean to be American?” “What is my effect on others?” “What is our relationship to nature?”

“What does it mean to be educated?”

It’s the 3rd week of the school year. We are well on our way to answering some of our guiding questions in the 11th grade English classroom. Read more.