What is “Design-Thinking?”

In many ways, this Fellow-year has been a treasure hunt. The guiding question has been “Where are the richest opportunities for authentic, engaged, student-centered learning?”  By extension, which approaches provide fertile ground for real-world learning and develop learners’ creativity, critical-thinking, and collaborative skills? Read more.

Student-Centered Learning You Can Touch (And Purchase!)

A recent BHS graduate, Keith LaFountaine just self-published his first novel on Lulu.com. It’s called The Danger of the Flame. You can buy it here and should do so because it sounds awesome. Just as cool, perhaps, is that the novel was started while Keith was still a senior at Burlington High School and undertaking the challenge of National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo.org), an opportunity afforded him by his 12th grade Creative Writing class, taught by Eve Berinati. Read more.

Momentum for Proficiency

Yesterday, a team of eight (yes, eight!) teachers from Winooski High School joined educators from around Vermont and the northeast for a PBGR (proficiency-based graduation requirement) work day in a church hall in South Burlington, Vermont.  The format was largely one of consultancy protocols, assisting each other with insights on dilemmas we’re facing in our own work.   Read more.

P4C School Innovation Tour to NYC: Wait, I’m in a Box?!

The Partnership for Change, with the efforts of Fellow Sarah Bertucci and IDEA, recently organized a 30+ person trip to tour innovative schools in New York City. We Megabussed our diverse caravan down and back, saw between us over a dozen schools in 48 hours, ate some street food, and ran ourselves all over Manhattan and the outer Boroughs soaking up all the wisdom from a host of cool schools and learning institutions. Read more.

Why Didn’t We Think of This?

I just came from a Neighborhood Learning Conversation with the Nepali community in  Winooski.  The community members were having a lively conversation about graduate expectations.  They were discussing whether one of the expectations should be focused on cultural understanding – specifically learning about the culture of Bhutan/Nepal.   Read more.

So Much to Glean

In an earlier post, Planting a Seed, I shared a small discovery that opened up more expansive questions. A recent experience seemed relevant, and timely–and could serve as a subsequent chapter.

The NPR program, State of the Re:Union, recently aired an episode focused on the city of Tucson, Arizona. Read more.

Getting Real about Race and Education

This post has been guest written by Burlington High School English teacher Erika Lowe. Along with her fellow 9th grade teachers, she organized a day long learning experience around Race: Are We So Different, exhibiting through January 27th at the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center.  Read more.

P4C School Innovation Tour: NYC iSchool

New York City’s iSchool is in its infancy, only now in the middle of its fifth year, and the Partnership for Change School Innovation Tour, consisting of 30 teachers, students, administrators, and community members from Burlington and Winooski, spent the afternoon there this past Monday. Read more.

So Much To Learn

Greetings from New York City! It’s now the end of a long first day of learning and school visits on the Partnership for Change School Innovation Tour. Our group of thirty (including teachers, students, administrators, parents, and community members) visited a number of inspirational schools around New York City today, including Urban Academy, the iSchool, Manhattan International School, and the Vanguard School. Read more.

Partnership Embarks on Innovation Tour in NYC

This Sunday, January 6th, a group of 30 individuals from Burlington and Winooski will embark on a learning journey to New York City.  The group includes students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members from both cities.  This trip was organized by the Partnership for Change’s Proficiency Based Learning Fellow, Sarah Bertucci, in collaboration with IDEA. Read more.