Youth in Action

Our student led site visit to Providence is now a mere week away! Our student group meets for the first time today and I'm so excited to get everyone together and begin the final sprint to our Sunday departure.

Providence, Here We Come!

The Partnership for Change Youth Leadership and Engagement Team is pleased to announce our upcoming site visit to Providence, Rhode Island April 7-9.

New Zealand: Place, Integration, Coherence, and Art

[The following post is a continuation of a series of insights gleaned from observations, interviews, and collaboration in New Zealand schools.]

One last post, to highlight a few other themes to emerge from my immersion in the world of New Zealand education…

A Sense of Place

On the face of it, one might think that Burlington and Winooski High Schools don’t have much to learn learn from a small, rural primary school on the Northeast coast of New Zealand. Read more.

Soft on Content?

On February second, The Partnership for Change hosted a community learning conversation asking “What do our Graduates Need to Succeed?” at Burlington High School. We invited a number of panelists from government, business, higher education, and local non-profits to respond to this question. Read more.

New Zealand: Culture and Pride

For the past few days, school visits in Auckland have focused on two questions: - What's working? and - What is each school doing to improve? Authentic answers to both questions are long, and complex. What follows are limited soundbites--but hopefully they are enough to spark some interest, or to seed some curiosity.

New Zealand: Learning from Aotearoa

Kia ora!

With the support of Burlington Schools and the Partnership for Change, my Fellowship learning has taken me to Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud--known to non-Maori-speakers as the nation of New Zealand. I am traveling with a UVM graduate class led by Middle Grades professor (as well as colleague, mentor, and friend), Penny Bishop. Read more.


In school innovation, we often talk about students gaining “real” world experience. Of authentic learning that is high stakes and meaningful and taps into imbedded skills and passions. We talk about these things because they are so important and we have so much room to grow as a school community. Read more.