New Youth Leadership and Engagement Fellow Alert!

Hello educators, colleagues, students, activists, and lifelong leaners! My name is Will Andrews and I will be the Youth Leadership and Engagement fellow for the 2013-2014 school year...

Communications Survey for Parents

This summer, the Partnership for Change will be sponsoring a survey to evaluate the communications between schools and families as part of our ongoing process to remodel our schools to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Depth? Richness? Relevance? YES!

Burlington High School is piloting a new school calendar, one that opens up rich opportunities for authentic learning. In this 2012-13 year, first-semester ends before December Break, and second-semester is over before Memorial Day weekend. The “Year End Studies” program (inspired by a similar model at Rutland High School) takes place during the last two-and-a-half weeks of the year.

BHS Student Reflects on Mayor’s Week at School

"What did you do in school today?" is the age-old question that rarely elicits an enthusiastic reply, but after spending the day with the mayor on Monday I had plenty of stories to share.

BHS 9th Graders “Making A Change”

Last night I attended a learning celebration at BHS that saw this year's 9th grade students, the first members of BHS's new 9th Grade Academy, present learning from their "Making a Change" project. The project challenged students to investigate race, class, gender, and sexuality through a variety of dynamic projects in which they attempted to "solve" a problem they identified.

Just Add…Common Purpose

Late last year, there was a student-led protest in front of Burlington High School. If you live in the area, you are probably aware of this. I remember watching the protest and feeling very confused, among other emotions (sadness...anger...helplessness), as BHS students, most of them of African descent, marched and chanted in protest of testing policies and a school culture that they believed were racist against them.

Graduate Expectations for WMHS & BHS

Over the past month, the Partnership for Change held 32 neighborhood learning conversations in homes, schools, and community spaces to talk about the draft Graduate Expectations for WMHS and BHS.

Providence Reflections from Duc Dang, Winooski Student

Winooski High School student Duc Dang, who entertained us with his amazing singing and impressed us with his wit and insight has written a reflection that I’m so excited to share with you here. Duc’s words are a fabulous tribute and insight to the trip.

Design Thinking: A Learning Process for Tomorrow’s World

On Thursday, April 4th, more than 140 people attended a presentation and mixer at Main Street Landing. What brought people together from fields as varied as education, city planning, scientific research, performance art, civil engineering, policy-making, and finance? The draw was something both focused and expansive, both particular and universal, both conceptual and applicable: Design-Thinking.