Ready, Set, Hike!

Team Journey – Ready, Set, Hike

Winooski Middle School

80 Normand Street, Winooski, VT 05404

Chris Magistrale


On October 2nd, the Winooski Middle School student body took to Vermont’s green mountains in search of exercise, nature and team camaraderie.   Read more.

Newcomer Orientation


          Our names are Inge White and Nellie Maley. We are partner teachers for the ELL program at Winooski High School. Together we are facilitating a group of 17 Newcomers from Nepal, Iraq, Somalia, Ethiopia, and the Congo. Most of these students have no or limited formal education prior to coming to the Winooski School District. Read more.

A Soft Landing

The BHS Mission is to challenge all students to achieve at their highest levels. We build on the diverse cultures, experiences and interests of our students and community to support learning and foster intellectual growth. We partner with parents and the community at large to help our students develop the skills to become independent, self-directed, and life-long learners who contribute responsibly to our world. Read more.

The Challenge

Proficiencies. Wow this is hard. I’ve had countless conversations with my Partner Teacher, Beth Fialko Casey, and every time, I find myself more confused. I do not know what to do. I get what proficiencies are. However, I struggle with developing a way to assess them. Read more.

Introducing the Partner Teacher Program

The premise of the Partner Teacher program is simple: In order to shift their classroom practice, teachers need time, resources, and collaborative support.

Getting Started…


“What does it mean to be American?” “What is my effect on others?” “What is our relationship to nature?”

“What does it mean to be educated?”

It’s the 3rd week of the school year. We are well on our way to answering some of our guiding questions in the 11th grade English classroom. Read more.

I can’t…yet.

These days, I’m hearing the word "yet" added to all sorts of sentences. Two years ago, the whole Burlington High School faculty read Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. These first few weeks of the school year, it has been so clear that Burlington High School’s teachers are taking the growth mindset very seriously.

Go Green, Save Green: Energy Efficiency Design Challenge

This year Burlington High School physics teachers Lisa Carpenter and Richard Meyer took the risk of moving beyond lecture, labs and textbooks. They opened their classrooms to collaborate with community partners in order to make their energy efficiency units more relevant and rigorous.

At Play with DNA: The Burlington Barcoding Project

Students at Burlington High School got to play with DNA and move learning beyond the textbook for their Genetics class this year. Science teacher Molly Heath came across the Urban Barcoding Project from New York City last year, and it inspired her to look for ways to engage her students with the Burlington community in a similar manner. She applied for grants to fund the right equipment and earned grants through the Vermont Academy of Science and Engineering and the Partnership for Change.