Is Teaching an Art or a Science?

Recently, I spent the better part of four days with education organizers from IDEA, the Institute for Democratic Education in America, a group working on connecting powerful, progressive educators across the country. Among the participants was Sam Chaltain, a Washington, D.C. Read more.

Students Telling Their Stories

Local TV station RETN is partnering with Burlington High School for a documentary project that will provide students with an opportunity to tell their own stories. Stories represent the most powerful device for human learning and interaction, and finding new ways to tap into the untold stories of student life is a wonderful opportunity and intricately connected to the Partnership for Change’s work. Read more.

Some straight talk on what actually ails education

Today, I was captivated by this address by Diane Ravitch, a professor at NYU and former education official under the first president Bush, speaking to an audience in Chicago.  She is currently a crusader against the pro-testing, anti-teacher, and anti-union ‘reformers’ in education. Read more.

Education in… Denmark!

Co-chair Signe Daly of the Teaching and Learning Environments implementation team hosted a breakfast with her cousin Peter Sloth (meaning ‘castle’) from Denmark that included co-chair Drew Blanchard, fellow Dov Stucker, Partnership co-coordinator Alan Tinkler, and me. Read more.

Making Connections

I am excited and honored to be part of the launch of the Partnership for Change! In a nutshell, the PfC’s goal is to work with students, teachers and administrators, families, and community businesses to transform Winooski and Burlington High Schools into student-centered, technology rich learning centers where students choose pathways to become proficient in real-world 21 century skills.

A Complex Mosaic of Partners

Along with helping to build the systems that will support the work of the Partnership (see the introductory “Welcome” post), a significant part of my time this Fall as the Fellow for Community-Based Learning has been spent connecting with existing partners–and beginning to map how current programs fit together. Read more.

Equity and the Partnership

On Tuesday, October 3rd and Wednesday, October 4th, fellow Sarah Bertucci and I joined about 45 Burlington School District teachers for a workshop offered by the Washington Consulting Group on building cultural competence.

This was an incredibly valuable workshop in which we practiced looking at our organizations with race in mind. Read more.

Welcome to the Partnership for Change Blog

It’s been over two years of planning, and the Partnership is up and running! The Steering Committee has met twice, the Implementation Team chairs are gearing up for their first public meetings, and the five fellows are deep in their work. Read more.