Posts By Dov Stucker

Against a Backdrop of Darkness

On Saturday evening, less than an hour after sunset, I stood on my family’s porch and looked skyward. Stepping away from the glow of the kitchen, my body shivered against the cold and my eyes strained towards the darkness. Then, near the crescent moon in the west-southwest, it appeared: slower than a meteor, faster than a satellite, the International Space Station arced towards the eastern horizon. Read more.

Planting a Seed

With so many Big Questions before us, it’s natural to look for answers that are equally grand in scale. Sometimes, however, the universal can be found in the particular. I recently discovered this kind of unassuming wisdom at Montpelier High School. Read more.

The Water We Swim In

Every aspect of life carries with it certain unspoken assumptions. (A business meeting, for instance, requires a tucked-in shirt; a movie theater assumes viewers will refrain from talking; a waiting room means cordiality–but rarely conversations–with strangers; and schools require classrooms with walls.) If we are successfully assimilated, we move through our lives without giving these things a second thought. Read more.

A Complex Mosaic of Partners

Along with helping to build the systems that will support the work of the Partnership (see the introductory “Welcome” post), a significant part of my time this Fall as the Fellow for Community-Based Learning has been spent connecting with existing partners–and beginning to map how current programs fit together. Read more.