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Depth? Richness? Relevance? YES!

Burlington High School is piloting a new school calendar, one that opens up rich opportunities for authentic learning. In this 2012-13 year, first-semester ends before December Break, and second-semester is over before Memorial Day weekend. The “Year End Studies” program (inspired by a similar model at Rutland High School) takes place during the last two-and-a-half weeks of the year.

Design Thinking: A Learning Process for Tomorrow’s World

On Thursday, April 4th, more than 140 people attended a presentation and mixer at Main Street Landing. What brought people together from fields as varied as education, city planning, scientific research, performance art, civil engineering, policy-making, and finance? The draw was something both focused and expansive, both particular and universal, both conceptual and applicable: Design-Thinking.

New Zealand: Place, Integration, Coherence, and Art

[The following post is a continuation of a series of insights gleaned from observations, interviews, and collaboration in New Zealand schools.]

One last post, to highlight a few other themes to emerge from my immersion in the world of New Zealand education…

A Sense of Place

On the face of it, one might think that Burlington and Winooski High Schools don’t have much to learn learn from a small, rural primary school on the Northeast coast of New Zealand. Read more.

New Zealand: Culture and Pride

For the past few days, school visits in Auckland have focused on two questions: - What's working? and - What is each school doing to improve? Authentic answers to both questions are long, and complex. What follows are limited soundbites--but hopefully they are enough to spark some interest, or to seed some curiosity.

New Zealand: Learning from Aotearoa

Kia ora!

With the support of Burlington Schools and the Partnership for Change, my Fellowship learning has taken me to Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud--known to non-Maori-speakers as the nation of New Zealand. I am traveling with a UVM graduate class led by Middle Grades professor (as well as colleague, mentor, and friend), Penny Bishop. Read more.

What is “Design-Thinking?”

In many ways, this Fellow-year has been a treasure hunt. The guiding question has been “Where are the richest opportunities for authentic, engaged, student-centered learning?”  By extension, which approaches provide fertile ground for real-world learning and develop learners’ creativity, critical-thinking, and collaborative skills? Read more.

So Much to Glean

In an earlier post, Planting a Seed, I shared a small discovery that opened up more expansive questions. A recent experience seemed relevant, and timely–and could serve as a subsequent chapter.

The NPR program, State of the Re:Union, recently aired an episode focused on the city of Tucson, Arizona. Read more.