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BHS 9th Graders “Making A Change”

Last night I attended a learning celebration at BHS that saw this year's 9th grade students, the first members of BHS's new 9th Grade Academy, present learning from their "Making a Change" project. The project challenged students to investigate race, class, gender, and sexuality through a variety of dynamic projects in which they attempted to "solve" a problem they identified.

Just Add…Common Purpose

Late last year, there was a student-led protest in front of Burlington High School. If you live in the area, you are probably aware of this. I remember watching the protest and feeling very confused, among other emotions (sadness...anger...helplessness), as BHS students, most of them of African descent, marched and chanted in protest of testing policies and a school culture that they believed were racist against them.

Providence Reflections from Duc Dang, Winooski Student

Winooski High School student Duc Dang, who entertained us with his amazing singing and impressed us with his wit and insight has written a reflection that I’m so excited to share with you here. Duc’s words are a fabulous tribute and insight to the trip.

Youth in Action

Our student led site visit to Providence is now a mere week away! Our student group meets for the first time today and I'm so excited to get everyone together and begin the final sprint to our Sunday departure.

Providence, Here We Come!

The Partnership for Change Youth Leadership and Engagement Team is pleased to announce our upcoming site visit to Providence, Rhode Island April 7-9.


In school innovation, we often talk about students gaining “real” world experience. Of authentic learning that is high stakes and meaningful and taps into imbedded skills and passions. We talk about these things because they are so important and we have so much room to grow as a school community. Read more.

Student-Centered Learning You Can Touch (And Purchase!)

A recent BHS graduate, Keith LaFountaine just self-published his first novel on It’s called The Danger of the Flame. You can buy it here and should do so because it sounds awesome. Just as cool, perhaps, is that the novel was started while Keith was still a senior at Burlington High School and undertaking the challenge of National Novel Writing Month (, an opportunity afforded him by his 12th grade Creative Writing class, taught by Eve Berinati. Read more.

P4C School Innovation Tour to NYC: Wait, I’m in a Box?!

The Partnership for Change, with the efforts of Fellow Sarah Bertucci and IDEA, recently organized a 30+ person trip to tour innovative schools in New York City. We Megabussed our diverse caravan down and back, saw between us over a dozen schools in 48 hours, ate some street food, and ran ourselves all over Manhattan and the outer Boroughs soaking up all the wisdom from a host of cool schools and learning institutions. Read more.

P4C School Innovation Tour: NYC iSchool

New York City’s iSchool is in its infancy, only now in the middle of its fifth year, and the Partnership for Change School Innovation Tour, consisting of 30 teachers, students, administrators, and community members from Burlington and Winooski, spent the afternoon there this past Monday. Read more.