Lead Community Partner

We want to ensure that all of the voices in our community are heard, particularly those who have historically been left out of the conversation surrounding public education. That is why the Partnership has joined forces with Voices for Vermont’s Children, an organization that has worked statewide to improve opportunities for children and their families for more than 30 years.

Parents and Youth for Change is a project of Voices charged specifically with helping families and youth in Winooski and Burlington build relationships with one another, learn about educational issues, and take action toward better preparing all students for bright and hopeful futures. As the lead community partner in our school remodeling efforts, Parents and Youth for Change helps build leadership in underserved communities. Their local community organizers are committed to engaging diverse groups of Winooski and Burlington residents in the school change process.

Research Reports

The Parents and Youth for Change organizing approach involves understanding issues, finding solutions, and taking action. The following reports are the products of collaborative research, conducted by Burlington and Winooski families and students in partnership with educators and community leaders.

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