Our Approach

At the heart of the Partnership’s philosophy is the belief that the talent and drive needed to move our schools forward lie within our communities. As a result, the Partnership seeks to involve as many stakeholders as possible in efforts to remodel our schools. Through fellowships and support for educators, neighborhood learning conversations in local homes and workplaces, and multi-stakeholder design teams, students, teachers, families, and community members are all encouraged to be a part of the process.

To ensure that the goals of all our major players are aligned, we use a Work Plan and a Logic Model to guide our work. These foundational documents, which were developed based on research, best practices, and our own collaborative thinking, are updated regularly to reflect recent progress and revisions.

Key Levers for Change

The communities of Winooski and Burlington, through many conversations among teachers, students, families, administrators, and representatives from local organizations, have identified five key levers for effecting meaningful change in our schools. Learn more.

A Team-Based Approach

For the Partnership’s first two years, multi-stakeholder teams engaged in collaborative learning, experimentation, and research around each of our five levers for change. As we work toward full-scale implementation in year three, we will again call on our whole community to help remodel the educational system. Learn more.

Lead Community Partner

As the lead community partner in our school remodeling efforts, Parents and Youth for Change helps families in Winooski and Burlington build relationships with one another, learn about educational issues, and take action toward better preparing all students for bright and hopeful futures. Learn more.

Partner Teachers

In Winooski and Burlington, we are working toward a systemic shift in the way teachers are supported to learn, collaborate, implement, and share the practices that help them meet the needs of all students. Learn more about the Partner Teacher Program at BHS and WMHS.