Student Consultants: A Midyear Report

As a Student Consultant, I get to collaborate with our partner teachers as well as tackle our own individual projects for positive and transformative school work. Early on in Quarter 1, I established a goal to work with fellow Student Consultants, community-based folks, and school members to work on bringing alternative discipline, namely restorative justice, to Burlington High School. At the end of the first quarter, after researching restorative processes and connecting with several people who are part of the BHS restorative justice team, I made a goal for Quarter 2 to use all of my success from Quarter 1 ┬áto create a very real and concrete plan for an implementation process — at the very least I wanted to begin creating a plan. However, Quarter 2 passed very quickly and I found myself struggling to move in a forward direction and feel like I was making progress. My conversations with folks were limited, and I felt out of the loop. In an honest reflection of my Quarter 2, I felt like I had wasted away the quarter by treading water and trying to get myself together. However, after having several reflective and though-provoking conversations that were spurred by my Q2 Presentation of Learning and desire to get back on track in Quarter 3, I found that many of us involved in restorative justice at BHS felt a bit scattered and lost throughout this time period. This is an extremely large effort that requires a lot of time, collaboration, and innovative thinking, so I needed to revise my goals to be much more realistic. The focus of a plan should be shifted from immediate implementation to a realistic and sustainable plan for implementation in several years as well as using momentum from a commitment to restorative justice. I now have a lot of work to do in Quarter 3 and I am excited for the tasks and conversations that lay ahead. Quarter 2, although sometimes frustrating and challenging, helped me realize that there are always bumps in the road but movement is still movement no matter how slow.

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