Student Consultant Q2 Reflection

At the end of Quarter One, I united all of my original goals set at the beginning of quarter one underneath work towards educational justice. There was the specific goals of foundational work for a Site Council and Restorative Justice, as well as side goal of considering cultural humility or advocating for cultural humility within educational setting. The site visit itself is coming together much more cleanly and in a much more organized fashion that clearly outlines the reasons for our visit; to focus on process and not on program. The challenge that feels looming is the fact that systematic changes are difficult and take a lot of hard work for a long period of time. It’s slowly becoming my understanding that I should consider shifting my framework from “How do I build a foundation that will support the implementation of a site council?” to “How do I build a foundation that will support authentic student and community leadership in an equitable manner?” I think a crucial part is slowing down and reaching out to communities within Burlington High School for whom school is really not working; I think it is crucial to reach out to the people for whom a system of student leadership and RJ (or other alternative discipline system) would fundamentally alter their experience and success in schools. I think a challenge will be finding ways to sustain the necessary foundational work to support student leadership and alternative discipline.


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