BTV Redistricting and the Impact on the School Board


On March 3, 2015, the people of Burlington will be able to vote for ALL seats on the Burlington School Board.  Due to redistricting, the current fourteen (14) school board seats will be reduced to twelve (12) seats.  All voters will be able to cast one vote for their Ward (1-8) and one vote for their District (East, Central, North, South).city_wards_2015_687x940

The eight (8) Wards

The City will be divided into eight (8) Wards, each with approximately equal population, named 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. See the map for their definition. Currently, there are 7 Wards.

The four (4) Districts

The eight (8) Wards will be combined into four (4) Districts. Each District is the combination of two Wards. The East District will be the combination of Wards 1 and 8, the Central District will be Wards 2 and 3, the South District will be Wards 5 and 6, and the North District will be composed of Wards 4 and 7.

Terms during the Transition

  1. In March 2015 (revised Charter now in effect), the four (4) District-based commissioners will be elected to two (2) years terms.
  2. In March 2015, eight (8) Ward-based commissioners will be elected to three (3) year terms.
  3. In March 2017, four (4) District-based commissioners will be elected to two (2) year terms.
  4. In March 2018, eight (8) Ward-based commissioners will be elected to two (2) year terms.
  5. When the Transition is complete in 2018, all commissioners will have two (2) years terms, the same as currently in place.
  6. When the Transition is complete in 2018, all ward-based and all district-based commissioners will be elected in alternating years.

A list of registered voters using the new City Ward and District designations can be found at:

Interested in Learning about the Candidates in your Ward and District?

Read the Candidate Q&A – A written response from your candidates on why they want to run for school board, their ideas around diversity, equity and school innovation, and their thoughts on the current BSD budget The Candidate Q&A will be available starting February 13 and can be found at

Be an Audience Member at a LIVE Candidate Forum – Channel 17/Town Meeting TV will be hosting live candidate forums to provide an opportunity for candidates to state their positions and for viewers to gather information about their Town Meeting options.  You can attend the forum, hear your candidates’ opinions live, and even ask questions.

LOCATION: Channel 17 Studios 294 North Winooski Avenue

*All forum dates are subject to change | Watch live at:

Thursday, 2/5*

5:25pm East District School Board | 6:00pm Ward 1 School Board | 6:35pm Ward 8 School Board

Monday, 2/9*

5:25pm Central District School Board | 6:00pm Ward 2 School Board | 6:35pm Ward 3 School Board

Wednesday, 2/11*

5:25pm North District School Board | 6:00pm Ward 4 School Board | 6:35pm Ward 7 School Board

Friday, 2/13*

5:25pm South District School Board| 6:00pm Ward 5 School Board | 6:35pm Ward 6 School Board

Use Social Media - Follow #BSDVT on Twitter during the forums as there will be live Tweeters summarizing the conversation and bringing your questions to the forum moderator. Do you want to volunteer to Tweet the forums live? Please email

Who is The Partnership for Change?

The Partnership for Change supports the Burlington and Winooski School Districts to be innovative, collaborative, and equitable learning organizations that inspire all learners to lead their communities to a dynamic and sustainable future.  Acting as a neutral body and working as convener, educator, and organizer, The Partnership for Change does not endorse candidates, and will work to support the districts to achieve this vision with whomever is elected.

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