Winooski Students Explore WCAX

On November 11th the ELL Newcomer class travelled to the WCAX news channel in South Burlington as part of our weather unit. 14 students took a tour of the station. The producer explained the process of preparing for a live newscast. Students visited different parts of the news station and observed employees researching, writing, and editing content, for a number of news segments. The highlight of the trip was watching the 12 o’clock news with Roger Garrity and Gary Sadowsky. Following the show students participated in question and answer session with Gary Sadowsky. The purpose of this trip was to provide real life connections to the unit studied over the past month and give students the opportunity to practice asking questions using weather vocabulary. They also completed a reflection after the field trip about their learning experiences. Students also keep track of their learning on an online portfolio throughout the school year. Students enjoyed the visit and we are hoping to continue to learn outside the classroom for upcoming units.

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