Introducing Science Seminar – A Personalized Approach to Science


This year two science teachers, Molly Heath and Gretchen Muller, collaborated to develop a new course, Science Seminar.  This class provides students the opportunity to independently explore personal interests and how those interests connect to science and the broader world.  We have been working on refining skills in the areas of research and communication, problem-solving, collaboration with peers and the community, goal-setting, and time management.  Each student developed a research question to explore deeply and learn concepts by reading scientific journals, watching videos, (including great TED talks), talking to faculty, and interviewing community members.  Students have been working diligently for the first semester to prepare for their first presentation day.  On December 5th, each student presented their research and personal connection to their learning to a group of peers, teachers, and community partners.  The topics students researched were diverse, intriguing, and challenging. The topics included:


~Fetal Neurological Development              ~Animal-Assisted Therapy

~Creativity and Imagination                       ~Alcoholism and Depression

~Neurobiology and Emotion                      ~ Emergency Medical and Athletic Training

~Pre-and Postnatal Care and

Connections to Midwifery

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As teachers, it was exciting to see all their work come together. Many of our students went into the project thinking they were not good at public speaking, but through hard work and practice, they all did an amazing job! Everyone spoke with an obvious passion for their topic and did a great job fielding questions from the audience.  We can’t wait to see what new projects our students undertake in the coming semester!

– By Gretchen Muller and Molly Heath



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