Student Consultants: A Student Reflection

As first quarter comes to an end, the pilot Student Consultant program is off and running. As a cumulative presentation on the work and learning that has been done during first quarter, all the Student Consultants put together a brief Presentation of Learning to share with the rest of us what their goals for the year are, who they’ve connected with, and what they’ve accomplished for first quarter. It was such an invigorating space to be in: fellow students, who have only been tasked with pursuing lines of inquiry that will eventually lead to tangible change in our school, have all found ways to make this work relevant to themselves and to their experiences within school. It seems to me that so much of the concern over self-directed learning is that we students won’t challenge ourselves or we won’t hold ourselves to community standards of rigor. The first quarter of the Student Consultancy is disproving that already; I’m amazed at the risk other Student Consultants are taking, whether they have been doing this work for a while or are brand new to this type of thinking.

The Student Consultants are embodying student-centered learning: building community connections, choosing the direction of their work and learning, and is truly mastery-based. The Student Consultant program enacts student-owned learning in an incredible new way, and I’m excited to see the work grow as the year continue.

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