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Nice to meet you!

My name is Madeleine K. Clark. I am a student at Burlington High School. I am currently a senior that has participated in School Innovations Seminar and The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council. I am now a member of the Student Consultancy Program in partnership with the Partner Teachers.

I am currently working on a project having to do with a future possibility. I am in the research stage of creating a makerspace at BHS. I have done three site visits. I am studying the way the Generator works, how a maker space functions in the Essex library, and what the Winooski ILab has to offer to my research.

My inspiration for creating a makerspace has come out of, attending the Vermont Tech Jam in years past, and participating in the Splash Program at MIT and Yale. These are both environments that emulate the ideals of a makerspace/hackerspace. The collaboration of creative minds in similar fields like: computer technology, art design, and problem solving is present in a makerspace; along with advanced technology as a resource.

In the future, I am going to work closely with the Burlington Technical Center and Art and Design teachers at Burlington High School. I have set a goal to finish all research by the end of the Semester. This means that I will have done more site visits, interviewed the creators and participants of the makerspaces, in order to understand their opinions on their makerspaces. I will also collect the statistics behind what the BHS students actually think of a makerspaces being implemented at BHS. Thanks for your time.

-Madeleine K. Clark


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