Standing room only at Winooski community meeting

To say it was standing room only at the O’Brien Center in Winooski this past Wednesday night is an understatement. The Winooski school board held a community dinner to present the new Graduate Expectations to a wide range of parents and community members. These expectations, based in proficiency-based learning, were developed last year through the initiative led by Partnership for Change.  After the presentation, they also gathered more information from the participants about their hopes for both their schools and community.  At several tables there were translators representing five different languages so that all members’ voices were heard. As the new Family School Partnership Fellow, I was in awe of the way this small community has come together to care about the future of education. I encountered many of the stakeholders I have met recently through the partnership: administrators, community leaders, parents and school board members, who show such genuine dedication to their community. This meeting truly demonstrated  how, when you reach out to a community, you find caring, dedication and commitment to improving it.

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