So Much to Glean


In an earlier post, Planting a Seed, I shared a small discovery that opened up more expansive questions. A recent experience seemed relevant, and timely–and could serve as a subsequent chapter.

The NPR program, State of the Re:Union, recently aired an episode focused on the city of Tucson, Arizona. While I found myself listening for a segment on the city’s schools, it wasn’t an education-related piece that jumped out. Instead, it was an 8-minute piece on the city’s fruit trees.

On one level, it’s a story about community, place, connection, and resilience. It may even offer some lessons about our own community’s growing diversity…

But I also wonder if it might also be a parable.

  • What untapped resources are left un-harvested here in Burlington and Winooski?
  • What would it look like if we mobilized to harvest our own bounty?
  • Where would that abundance be found?

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