Students Telling Their Stories

Local TV station RETN is partnering with Burlington High School for a documentary project that will provide students with an opportunity to tell their own stories. Stories represent the most powerful device for human learning and interaction, and finding new ways to tap into the untold stories of student life is a wonderful opportunity and intricately connected to the Partnership for Change’s work. The documentary program is still in its infancy, and has been finding its feet and recruiting interested students, but took a huge step forward recently when a collection of diverse BHS students gathered and began asking questions and filming each other. The day began with a “Chalk Talk” protocol to gather a variety of questions that might be interesting to pose to the student body. The questions covered an amazing cross section of BHS student life and ranged from cafeteria food, diversity, racism, classes, and unity (or lack of unity). The questions were then distilled down to three and the cameras began to roll and that’s when the fun really started. The purpose was for this group to pilot the program, to see what it would feel like to tell stories and consider what stories other students might want to tell. What was apparent very quickly was how much students want to tell their stories, and how passionate they are to learn about others. If this meeting was an indicator of things to come, the program has a bright future and will be on a TV screen near you before you know it!


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  1. 802matthew

    Benjamin, this looks like a ton of fun, and also a great tool for showcasing the gorgeous cultural richness of the community!


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